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At 99s we had the opportunity to collaborate with Ryderpay, a leading player in the supply chain carrier payment industry.

Through close collaboration with Ryderpay, we successfully revamped their platform, delivering cost savings and improved scalability. The project enabled Ryderpay to align with industry standards and integrate multiple data points, enhancing their service offerings.
The existing platform's limitations highlighted the need for a comprehensive overhaul. We understood the technical complexities involved and closely collaborated with Ryderpay to define a clear roadmap, establish deadlines, and deliver a minimum viable product (MVP).

Our team successfully addressed the outdated technology, lack of scalability, and security concerns. By leveraging our expertise, we built robust integrations to ensure a seamless customer experience. Additionally, we focused on revamping the user experience (UX) to enhance usability and streamline workflows.
The outcomes achieved through our collaboration with Ryderpay were transformational. We delivered a fully functional and production-ready revamped platform that addressed their pain points and met their objectives.

The results included significant cost reductions in processing freight bills and the ability to scale operations efficiently. Ryderpay's platform aligned seamlessly with their corporate requirements and met rigorous security standards.

The integration of multiple data points streamlined their processes, reducing the time spent on handling freight invoice exceptions.
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