A new era of
powering maintenance

In 2021/2022, we established Torque By Ryder, an on-location maintenance solution. In collaboration with Ryder and Salesforce, we built the MVP for Torque By Ryder inclusive of the Marketing Site, Customer Portal and supporting Technician & Customer Service platforms. We leveraged a Headless approach to utilize Salesforce APIs to develop a rich user experience across customer touch points.

We launched in June of 2022. Currently, Torque By Ryder is available in five marketplaces and expanding quickly through 2023.

Customer Portal Solution

In collaboration with Salesforce, we built the customer portal to allow for real-time access to the Torque Dashboard. They could monitor upcoming/on-going service, pay invoices and keep an inventory of the services rendered on their vehicles.

Custom & reusable components

After building the MVP for Torque By Ryder, the Marketing team looked to Double Nines to convert TorqubyByrder.com to a CMS supported site using Webflow. We also enhanced the design to match the latest evolution of the brand guidelines.

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