Our Team

Building the next generation of great business

Double Nines makes digital services attainable through global teams that can strategically out-think the largest global management consultancies, create more intuitive experiences and build better products leveraging modern technologies.
Our Vision

Creating opportunities for talent and clients

We strive to be the best global product partner to companies through highly strategic, international, innovative, and lean teams that build the most seamless digital experiences possible.
Staffing & Recruiting

Focused on identifying the most talented people between the Poles

We are currently focused on developing teams that all easily operate on an EST schedule with our clients.

Direct relationships

Employees and contractors that work on client products and projects.

Staffing partners

Whether subject matter specific (QA, UI Design) or general, Double Nines uses staffing teams to build up our client teams quickly and fill positions that are in high demand.

Internal recruiting

We have a dedicated internal recruiter for Latin America, as well as a Quality of Life manager to focus on Niner retention, career development and language skills.
Work with us

Growing our skilled team of creators and innovators

Our teams are hungry for the opportunity to shine on a world stage, and our recruiting teams are focused on identifying the most talented people between the Poles.

Permanently Remote

Our distributed teams have been working a remote lifestyle for over a decade. We offer co-working options to all of our teams so they have a second place to focus and join other team members in their city.

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