What we do

We make products and platforms that transform businesses

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Our Core Service Offerings

Product Development

From Idea to MVP, or an evolution of a revenue generating product, our team follows Lean principles and ruthlessly prioritizes what is possible to deliver value quickly and iteratively. Our engineering teams use stacks and technologies based on specific needs.

Product Design & Management

Starting and ending with the Customer, our Product Designers, Managers and Owners stay rooted in solving real business needs. Using Agile techniques and modern tools, Double Nines creates and balances what's possible, what's practical and what’s needed.

New Product Strategy

Research and Define innovative new ways forward for your idea, product or business, by looking at four important territories: innovation across adjacent industries and territories, insights from your customers, analysis of your competitors, and available resources.

Double Nines takes Team work seriously

We have honed our skills developing the best digital businesses and experiences for our clients and their consumers. Double Nines has taken that B2C knowledge and expertise, and brought it to B2B Enterprises helping to develop products through an approach that they have never truly followed: being obsessed with Customers at the “Speed of Innovation”.

Our Resource Models

World Class Creators
Managed Teams

Teams of 5 or more that work as a unit under the direction of Double Nines, and partnered with our clients.

Product Teams normally work on a long term engagement, and can flex up and down in size, as well as balance the discipline need fluctuations that happen throughout the different phases or cycles of the product.

Experienced & Ready Resources
Unmanaged Teams

Engineers, designers and managers join your team for short or long term engagements.

Staff Augmentation resources are sourced from our existing team, or can be identified and hired for the specific assignment. Any changes to personnel over the engagement is managed in conjunction with our partners.

Double Nines has several Frameworks in place for delivering services, maintaining quality deliveries and retaining talent.
3i’s Strategic Innovation Framework
MVP Delivery Methodology
Team Development Practices
MVP Delivery
Making Lean Products Quickly
Our iterative process strips business requirements down to the Most Viable Product, and gives our team permission to focus on delivering value immediately. This repeatable framework can be adapted to many types of initiatives.

Research Customer and Business Needs


Clarify Requirements and Set Expectations


Create the Product Experience and Architectures


Engineer the Solution and Deploy to Customers


Analyze Customer Behavior against KPIs and Iterate


Take the results of the refinements and develop new requirements

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